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 Multi-Level Marketing ( MLM ) Options

 Multi-Level Marketing ( MLM )  Also known as direct sales. Is a  great way to start a business and  increase your wealth. There are hundred of many MLM businesses, which needs little or no money, that can start you on your way to financial freedom.There are Consisting of everything from home goods, fashion, cosmetics, legal assistance, electricity, solar heating, to automotive and so much more.


 Here are the top 4


This Privately owned company has been around for Fifty-six years and was the first ti introduce the green and health concept. And have by far the best and m products.

Mary Kaye:

A privately owned and long-standing cosmetics and skin care company, for over Fifty- three years, started by a woman for the purpose of enriching and empowering women’s life in beauty and financially. Their compensation business package is among the best.


A company that is recognized around the world, and is also one of the oldest MLM company. Avon offers products such home goods, fashion, skin care and gift items. View products and business options

Global Wealth Trade:

A relatively new company founded in 2005 and is growing rapidly. GWT offers high-end fashion and accessory and boasts a 75% compensation plan.






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6 Replies to “Multi-Level-Marketing. MLM”

  1. Neil

    I’ve always been unsuccessful with MLM because I just couldn’t get any momentum going and gave up too soon lol.

    However, I have heard of Avon, since I used to help my mom with collecting catalogs and delivering orders. But I never knew it was an MLM. How long has Avon been a Network Marketing company?

    I may have to look into Avon again. 🙂

  2. Chris

    Funnily enough I know a lady (called Jean!) that took on a Avon position in our, and the surrounding villages in the area. She did very well out of it. That was about 20 years ago now so I suppose Avon has moved on even further with the internet age – do you have any experience with them yourself?

    • Shereek Post author

      Hi Chris. Thank you for your comment. Yes I do sell Avon they have some pretty good product. good to connect with them. Amazon is just getting too big!


  3. Smart Prince

    the affiliate programs you mentioned are some of the best out there. The first one Amway, I have an experience with them and that’s quite a good MLm program.
    I didn’t know about the other three. I’m certainly gonna check them out. I guess I will start with Avon.

    Thanks a lot for the post^^

    • Shereek Post author

      Hi prince Thank you a zillion for your reply, so quick, its just great. This system is getting better so quickly. I hope you enjoy the products on any of the MLM pass it on


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