About the Athor

Hello, I am Sheree Kaye  A woman with a passion and interest in the well-being of humanity. I relish the idea of this existence and all the beauty therein. I have done many things in this life, some extraordinary and some only nearly so. Over the years, I have traveled and lived in many places in the world. I have learned much; I am happy, lucky and glad to be here. My vision is to chronicle some of my experiences, in  hopes  that anyone coming to  Health To Out Wealth may be inspired to transform their lives into other dimensions of success, creativity, and uplifting well-being

Coming from humble beginnings, my formative years were very provincially. Plumbing and electricity were dreams waiting to come through, with outhouse bathroom, dirt floor kitchen and countertops and stoves, fashioned out of mud, ashes, and rock stones. Fuel obtain from wood, picked up from nearby forest miles away and carried on heads, then placed in the woodpile, which will serve all domestic needs until it was time to fetch more. The main house consisted of two rooms and a veranda, which sheltered our very family of seven. From my indigent, but very healthy past to this my flourishing present I have gained a wealth of experience and vast knowledge, which continues to expand into a knowing that health and wealth coalesce and are fundamentally unsuccessful without one another.

My mission;  to bring this site filled with so many, beautiful things the world has to offer, things that will delight, educate, and cause you to think, feel, imagine, and live in ways you may never have considered or believed to be possible.  I will be pulling from my experiences, demonstrating how health and wealth work together, showing you and discussing ways to be naturally healthy and effortlessly wealthy. So come with us and be lifted up.  Here’s Health to our Wealth.  Bringing this to you is made possible by   wa_university_495x95

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