Health to our Wealth is

Health to our Wealth.

Our Health.  When thinking health, we all have a general and visceral concept of it. We innately understand health to mean, a body broken perhaps.  Let’s consider for a moment what health is. The dictionary describes health as a state of well-being,  ( well-being meaning happy and prosperous ) free of disease in mind and body. Now I ask, is that all there is to the definitive component of health? Disease-free and blooming? I think not. I am apt to believe that there is another component to health that may be commonly overlooked, or not even considered at all, and that is the consciousness aspect. The ability to be in a continuous state regarding all elements of health is to be of actual good fortune. The term health consciousness is therefore of vital importance, being aware of self is integral to every single aspect of health, thereby creating or allowing circumstances of well-being, leading to a happy and prosperous state of living.


Our Wealth.  To many, the word wealth conjures up images of stockpiles of cash, huge mansions, fast and expensive cars, private jets, beautiful out of way destination typically all synonymous with luxury. Merriam-Webster defines wealth as; any persons or nation, having or owning significant amounts of money, property and or physical possessions’ As with health, I consider that there is also an element of wealth unrealized and unspoken. It is the same element that allows only a few to fall within the parameters of the general definition of wealth. Let’s examine how we perceive and respond to our concept of riches. (Wealth) Quite often many individuals regard wealth as a  scornful condition, a necessary impossibility, an unworthy state of being, a position to loathe; all the while unaware that such a mindset creates dis-ease within the collective. With this, a rich mentality must be, imposed to embrace and understand wealth as a state of well-being fully.


Health to our Wealth  Within these brief descriptions we can see clearly how these two conditions of our human reality intermingle, and we can discern that to be on the right side of these two parallel, `we must possess and cultivate a distinct state of mind. On this site and in these pages we will explore many aspects of health and wealth and how they interlace to create a whole. We will discuss ideas and ways to sync and balance these two to bring into your lives the magic they make collectively.

I hope you have found a new thought here. Please leave your words of riches in the comments below and make the world a healthy place Thank you.