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The definition of investment: { The process and actions of investing money for profit and or the acquisition of material goods and commodities.} Wealth is a word usually aligned with investment. Wealthy people will always say that investment is the only way to achieve and maintain wealth. There are numerous ways to invest your money. In this post, we will talk about a few of them.

Here are Seven ways to invest 

1. ) Invest in Penny Stock.  A penny stock is a stock unlike a blue-chip stock trades on the market in smaller amounts, and very low prices, in comparison. Pennies sometimes refer to small tech or start-up companies. Penny Stocks are a great way to invest and increase wealth. You need very little monies to start participating in that market.

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2. ) Invest in U S Treasury and Security Bonds.  UTSBs are usually a very safe mode of investment, which guarantees, that interest and        principles are paid on time. People like these bonds, as they increase and preserve capital while receiving dependable streams of income. There are several types of Us Treasury and Securities Bonds. Depending on your needs and circumstances, you will have to investigate the various kinds and find what’s best for you.

Here are four types of bonds.

  • Agency Bond – Very liquid bonds where investments can easily be bought and sold quickly. In some cases, the bonds are more complex and structured. There is usually there is a minimum to invest here.  $10,000 for the first investments and $,5000 increments.
  • Build America Bonds –  This bond helps State and Local governments to finance capital at lower cost. This is very attractive to international markets. It’s a long-term investment, ( Buy and Hold ) as rates may rise and fall.
  • Certificate of Deposit – CDs are the building block of any portfolio. They consist of Stocks, Bonds, Notes, Mutual Funds, and     Interest- Earning Cash Deposit.” Never put your eggs in one basket.”
  • Corporate Bonds – These are IOUs and are issued to the public and private corporation, in multiples of $1,000 and $5,000. When you buy corporate bonds you are lending money to the corporation you bought from; the company promises to repay you in a specified period, with gains.

    The bonds mentioned above have no particular association as to better or best, all is individual as was previously mentioned. 

3 ) Invest in Precious Metals.  Precious Metals consist of Gold, Silver, Platuim, Bullion and Bullion Coins. Invest in precious metals, because they have stood solidly against declining currencies. Due to their appreciative value and potential profits, it’s advised, that a well-diversified portfolio must consist of 10% – 20% or more of precious metals. Today’s markets are far more risky and due to many levels of political instability, terrorism, and general social uncertainty looking into precious metals is prudent.


4 ) Invest in Wines. Investing in wines could be a fantastically sober experience. Wines are a very sought after commodity and a well-established hobby, which promises to be at times highly profitable. To begin investing in wines, one must have developed a taste for such venture, as it takes some preliminary research, usually leading to many exciting projects. Cost varies, and returns are at times quick and profitable. Enjoy!

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5 ) Invest in Foreign Stocks: Everyone investing should have at least 20% of their portfolio in foreign currency. While US markets are generally favored, foreign markets are well worth a thought, as they are relatively very low in cost and have  the potential of yielding high profit, and because  markets are cyclical, profits in low foreign markets are bound to see high returns.50% of the world markets are set in foreign markets and companies. Like France, Mexico, the Netherlands, and Finland. With huge companies, like Renault, L’Orel Group; and Peugeot of France. Lyonde. Besell Industries and Aegon of the Netherlands. There are Countries like Vietnam, known as emerging Frontier markets, where prices are very low, and profitability is on a steady upswing. With the election of Donald Trump. We will see a huge change for the positive in the future of foreign investments; There is a sense now that the skies are the limits.

6 ) Invest in Real Estate: It has been said that real estate is the single most profitable form of investment anyone can make in this life because it allows you the time to enjoy your life, while at the same time allowing you to fulfill your dreams and passion. Giving you the resources to make your mark in the world and the ability to truly leave a legacy.

Here are a few ways to invest in real estate

  • Rental Properties. The most favored way of making money in the property market, by investing for the long term in a rental you are making upwards of 20% on,return not counting tax brakes and other favorable benefits, such as the ability to leverage capital.
  • Commercial Properties. Commercial real estate is extremely advantageous, as the monthly cash flow returns extraordinary because rentals are calculated by the square foot, investments are quite favorable. The disadvantage with commercial properties is that there are numerous legislative entities, maintenance, ordinances and a tremendous amount of safety regulations , just to mention a few., as a result, extra staffing and special accountants are very necessary to retain.
  • Wholesaling Properties.  By wholesaling you are investing in a property for the very short term, by buying a property at the lowest cost while it’s on sale or under contract you then sell right away to another investor at a slightly higher cost and thereby making instant, profit, many times without even seeing the house.
  •  Buy Fix nd Flip Properties. Here you are buying the house at below market value, you then renovate the house and sell it at a much higher rate in as shorter time frame as possible. This action has become very popular of late.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Invest In Yourself.  Invest in yourself by paying yourself first. Take the time to treat self,  avoid negativity, align with like-minded people., Look after your health,  Read, Invest in personal development and never stop learning, Be an Entrepreneur  Value your time, Take action, Go on vacation, try to live a life of quality.  Buy clothing that fit and compliment your appearance. Do yoga and meditate.

This is just a brief overview of ways to investing. There are hundreds and more ways to invest and increase wealth; We hope you have been inspired ad enlightened by reading this page. Thank you for reading this.

                                          Please leave a comment and share your investment experiences and ideas.





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