Building-Wealth through-Financial Literacy

Building Wealth

To build wealth in today’s world, we must seek to educate yourself. Financial literacy. Is grossly lacking in the general populace, which is why so many people are struggling financially. Interesting; many people attend college for many years and never learn about the very thing they went to school for in the first place, and that’s t to make money. Most people leave college broke and deep in debt.  With no explicit knowledge of how best to get out of debt, or even how to make money keep it and invest it.

Building wealth is a process consistent with self-educating. If you are reading this, it’s no coincidence that you are here. You may know by now of some of the ways to gain wealth. In this post, I will introduce three books that are must read to get on the road to financial literacy.

Think and Grow Rich:, by Napoleon Hill, is one of the most read self-help books on success and the art of making money. A must read.

Rich Dad Poor Dad: by Robert Kiyosaki, The best book on growing wealth and managing debt. Must read.

How Rich People Think: by Steve Siebold, This book gives you an inside into the mind and habits of the wealthy so that you can align yourself with success

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