Pathways to Wealth

Pathways to Wealth

I am sure you will think that the path to wealth is one filled with practical application. True, some essential and critical things are paramount, But in reality, the pathway to wealth is more of a spiritual journey than a practical one. Like the pathways to health, much attention must be paid to self, On our path to wealth, our actions rest very much in the way we think, for everything in the material world came from though. Here are 13 concepts to consider the path to wealth.

  1. Create a wealth mindset
  2. Embrace change
  3. Respect time
  4. Respect money
  5. Connect with like-minded people
  6. Read
  7. Be innovative
  8.  Be present
  9. do the impossible
  10. Be persistent
  11. Embrace fear and then lets it go
  12. Keep a cheerful spirit.
  13. Express Gratitude

Create a wealth mindset:


Wealth 1

Having a wealth mindset on the path to wealth starts with maintaining a positive outlook, speak in the positive  (” I can do this” ) see opportunities, instead of defeat. Appreciate beautiful things and know they belong to you if you so desire. Dwell among the wealthy and feel a sense of belonging. Travel to attractive destinations. Dream big and well. Know that you have the power in you to create whatever the level of wealth you can imagine and or desire.

Embrace change


ChangeThe only thing that is a constant in our world and our universe is change. Nothing is ever the same. Yes, the sun may always rise in the east and set in the west, but each day is entirely different. The ocean is in constant movement and change, and we are moving and changing.just the same. Many people are afraid of change, but the path to wealth is dynamic, and you must be receptive to this truth, as it will lead you to a wealth of infinite possibilities.


Respect Time



Time is an asset. All too often people take their time, as well as that of others for granted; Have you heard the phrase ” time is money”? It’s true, every minute of your time lost is a moment of time never gained.  Your time should be respected and cherished. Make every moment of time spent a meaningful experience, excellent memory and a training space on the pathway to wealth.

                                                                        Respect Money 


MakingMoney_3Respect money

There are those that would say the respect of money is an unnecessary act. Many people take money for granted, they speak poorly about money, or view it as an end to a practical means; they even go as far as saying things like “I don’t care about money.” I am here to tell you that money is a very a valuable commodity in all our lives, and we must give it respectful attention and appreciation. It’s respectful to handle money wisely, place it neatly in your wallet, and not just roll it up or fold it carelessly and stick it somewhere. Take a moment to think about your relationship with money,  If you are not doing so, think of money as your friend as this is a significant step on your  Wealth path.

                                     Connect with like-minded people, and be generous


like minded

Everything about money is meant to be shared.connect with people that share the same values about money, individuals with a healthy respect, and who understand the value. It’s important to be generous with money, use it abundantly and wisely. Don’t hold on to it, for as a butterfly, if you do you may kill it.





As you are reading this page, you are taking part in one of the critical factors on the wealth pathway. Information is power and power is the fuel needed to navigate the rugged path to wealth. Reading is the way by which you get the shared information that is so generously passed on to you from those that has gone before. So delight yourself in reading as it is food for the health of your wealth. To be wealthy is to be wise.

Be innovative



Everyone has within them a special gift, something that is unique to just her or him. That special something which allows you to invent something new and great out of nothing that can benefit the world. We need only to tune into our unique self and embrace the power of your creative energies.” Let your light so shine before man, so they may see your good work and glorify your Father which is in heaven” Matthew 5:16

 Be present


To to be inspired and tune into the creative self, one must be still and present, so as t be receptive to the infinite source.; Where nothing is impossible. When you are still and present the innovative abundance will flow like magic.

Do the impossible



The journey on the pathway of wealth is filled with fantastic adventures. Do the impossible and enjoy the benefits of the sacred unattainable Jump into it and realize your true gift.

Be persistent

“If you can force your heart and nerve and  sinew To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except for the Will which says to them: “Hold on!” Yours is the earth and everything in it. ( Rudyard Kipling )

Persistence is the only quality that will take you all the way to the gory end of the journey, through the storms and dark moments of the night, the deep and changing tides of ocean green, and debris of mistaken dreams come true. You will and must hold on, and you must never, ever give up.

Embrace fear and then lets it go 



Fear is the winter of our existence. Guard against being restricted by its present. To do this, we must be aware of our fears and embrace them, so instead of restriction we may be expansive in the current of fear and thus able to release it, and so clearing the path to success and wealth. Let your desire for wealth be greater than your fear.”

Keep a cheerful spirit


Happy woman

                 A cheerful spirit on the path contains in it all the ingredients to make fulfilled the whole journey.

Express Gratitude 



As you grasp the reality of your wealth existence, you will see that it is profoundly necessary to express gratitude, for the awareness and abilities granted you to have reached the heights of understanding and to be able to pass it on, therefore helping to increase the potential in the life of another.

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