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                                Wealthy Affiliate Review: My experience



PRODUCT_NAME:   Affiliates Affiliate                               
PRICE:  Free to $ 47.00 monthly, or yearly option                              
OWNER-CEO Kyle & Carson: Since      
WEBSITE http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com   


 What is Wealthy Affiliates


Wealthy Affiliates is an internet marketing platform, with an interactive community, with an entrepreneurial orientated learning arena, where anyone can build a business and make residual income. A place where you can earn money doing what you love, where you can create a professional website for free and have free hosting and much more.


                     Who can benefit from Wealth Affiliates?


Anyone can benefit from this from this platform If you are a complete novice beginner, someone with some knowledge, or a seasoned expert/professional at internet marketing. Wealthy Affiliates is for everyone and anyone wanting to build or expand a web business,  or do you just want to help others, share your knowledge and help people realize their potential? Well, this is also for you. It makes no different who you are or where you are from in the world, if you are older or younger, you have a place in the Wealthy Affiliates platform.



                                                                                                                                                                       The Pros:    

Wealthy Affiliates has very organized, comprehensive and up to date training tools; where you can build and work at your pace; A community of thousands of people and tech support ready to help you 24/7Access to owners and industry expert and millionaires.  No hidden or extra $ cost. The ability to work from anywhere that has internet and to build a business that can allow you ongoing residual income.A general all inclusive online learning platform, with endless possibilities.

                                                                         The Cons:    

There is no free membership for a few countries, such as Nigeria and India; this because these countries have high incidents of fraud. The training program equates to a  university education, and the information is extensive and time is needed to absorb it, especially if you are a beginner. Community involvement tends to be time-consuming. One tends to become addicted to the process.


                          TRAINING/ TOOLS OVERVIEW:


Within Wealth Affiliates, you are offered a broad belt of training tools, to build more than one website with niche products. With the necessary hosting, applications to run and maintain your site and business. Other tools you receive are.

  • WordPress site builder.
  • Professional Themes.
  • Easy to build a website.
  • Jaaxy Keyword and Competition Tools.
  • Extensive video tutorials and live training classes.
  • SEO ( search engine optimization ) Readiness.


My  Experience and Overall Opinion of Wealthy Affiliates


My experience with wealth affiliates has been one of great delight, I have learned so much from this platform, at my own pace and in a relatively short period, considering I knew nothing at all about making money on the internet, or about internet marketing. I did attempt to build a website on my own, and quickly realize that it takes more than just building a website, there is an entire body of knowledge needed to do any online business. The lessons are taught like an inline University for the entrepreneur, without the cost. In my opinion. Anyone thinking about embracing the online business arena.  By far this is the best place to start. If you are already online, you will do very well to move to Wealthy Affiliates. I consider this an opportunity, none can afford to miss.


Thank you for listening. Please leave a comment, and let me hear your thoughts and experience